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I guess that most of you could say that I am new to Buddhism. My name is Jessica and I've been intrigued by Buddhism ever since I saw the film Seven Years In Tibet. I've researched a little bit on Buddhism and have discovered that it is the lifestyle/religion that makes the most sense to me. I believe that if one must focus on themself, then they must find that source of compassion for all beings. I've suffered from depression since I was fourteen, but nothing has given me more warmth, more personal wealth than practicing my compassion for others in little ways. The Lord Buddha is so correct when he states that, "Desire causes suffering." I crave so much in this life and yet I've realized that when I receive the things that I covet, I only lust for more. Nothing has given me more personal satisfaction than being a good friend and loving my family and friends more than myself. But, I understand that a lot of the love that I have for them is selfish. As a person who suffers mentally (now heavily medicated) there are moments when I revert back to my selfishness. I feel deep in my heart that Buddhism is the path for me, but how can I go about it in daily intervals? How can I overcome my selfishness, my desires so I don't fall into bad karma or remain in the state of samsara? I guess you could say I'm still searching for something. What does the Lord Buddha state about mental/emotional suffering (i.e. depression)? Can anyone direct me to good literature about this? How do I become a better full-fledged Buddhist practitioner? Thank you all.

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