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Yesterday and aeons away

There's a point between the first and third, and the second and third noble truths where I get stuck.
See the dukkha. Feel the dukkha. See the dukkha bound up with life as we live it.
But then part of me just doesn't believe that dukkha will end.
Sometimes I make it on to the second - the dukkha comes from grasping and clinging, from greed, hate and delusion. Other times I don't. Or if I do, I might just brush with the third logically: to stop the dukkha, stop the grasping. But that just seems so far away, so it doesn't make that much of an impact.
Yesterday I had one of those days where you can see dukkha everywhere, and I could see the greed, the hate, the delusion that caused it. People being horrible, or more often thoughtless, blinded by their greed, their fear, their unwillingness to confront reality and themselves. Did I say they? More accurately, we. Causing pain to others, and suffering to ourselves.

I have often heard it said in theological/buddhological circles that the thing that's really lacking in Buddhism for the West is the prospect of hope. You can escape suffering, but it will most likely be aeons and aeons away. The suffering of others you can only hope to relieve, not cure. More aeons for them, then. You don't just wait till you die and then go to heaven. Heaven is a temporary state like any other rebirth in Buddhism.

Aeons away is a long time. I'm a perfectionist. It sometimes suprises people when I say that, as I'm a scruffy laidback kind of girl. I'm a lazy perfectionist: if something's not worth doing properly, it's not worth doing. This works well with cleaning - I clean properly, and only when I need to. Applied to life it is more problematic. Grey: if it's not white, it may as well be black.
But grey isn't black. A little bit may be enough. If I can do something to make life even a little bit better for myself or others, then I should do it. It's not perfection, but it's enough. It's better. It's getting there. There's something relevant before the aeons away.
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