ilikehindimusic (ilikehindimusic) wrote in dukkhapervades,

To Herringprincess


It would be nice to see more activity in this community so I thought of 2 things I could do.

1. Here is a list of more interests you could maybe add to the community.

Buddha, Buddhists, anxiety, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, panic
attacks, anxiety attacks, phobias, fear, hope, acceptance, spirit,
spirituality, spirituality, China, India, meditation, Dala Lama, Tibet,
mood disorders, support, support group, self help, motivation, harmony,
peace of mind, relaxation, truth, philosophy, and encouragement.

2. I could do some promoting of this community.

Is it ok with you if I -posted in community_promo or is it community

-posted in other relevant lj communities?

I'm not experienced with doing community promoting so any advice would be appreciated. Is there something specific I could post for promoting (ie: part of the community info)? Could I promote on other websites (yahoo groups?) I'd check a community's rule about community promos or ask for permission from the maintainers.

Would any of the members like to add to the interest list or partner with me for doing the promoting?

I am interested in doing the above but please keep in mind that I am facing difficult challenges in my life (ie: health/disability challenges, relationship has broken up, etc) so it might take me awhile to do all the above or I might later decide I can't do all I listed here.

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