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seeking new mindfulness

Haven't been successful in meditation in a few months now. By successful I don't mean some glorious golden experience or anything. I mean sitting for more than two minutes without getting frustrated and walking away. It's getting harder and harder to meditate anymore. I think the depression is telling me that I am fooling myself and thus I am self-sabotaging. My monkey mind keeps telling myself that there is no point and that it won't help, since my depression has been present on and off for 9 years. Which is utter nonsense because it has always helped; I just cannot get myself to believe it anymore.

So I am thinking maybe I need to approach meditation in a new way. Anyone feel like sharing their own meditation techniques with me? Even if it is similar, I may glean something new from your description of it. Please, anyone who has the time and feels disposed to, describe your meditation techniques, whatever they are.

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